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Potentialanalyse , ausbildung mentoring , mindful leadership coaching , Digitalisierung , Organisationsentwicklung

Success comes when opportunity meets preparation!

Recognize potential, use potential, increase success!


In times of digitalization, artificial intelligence and the like, it is people who make the difference!


Leadership is not a title, leadership is the ability to give others the example you want to set for yourself!


Agility is the ability to move safely and quickly in any situation, even as a team!


If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!

It is not about perfection,

it is all about development!

Of personality, skills, business and success!

Geben ist das neue Nehmen,

Hilfe ist der neue Dank!

Markus Ernsten


To understand it you need information!


The greatest masters are those who never stop being students!


To make people do what they are capable of doing!


Do not look for errors, look for solutions!

"Understand, learn, implement, grow!

It is a loop, it always starts again from the beginning!"


Markus Ernsten


What our customers say...

big help for me and my team

“Markus, thanks for your coaching last year. It was a big help for me and my Team!”

— Adam Cwientzek, Teamleiter In-Vehicle Software Testing - Ford-Werke GmbH

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