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There are many motivations to buy or sell a company. Be it strategically or within the framework of a succession plan. If such a transaction is to be carried out peacefully and serve long-term value creation, then there must always be a common understanding between the buyer and the seller. At the beginning, however, there are often completely different expectations. And although the transaction makes much sense from the distance regarded, the conceptions lie at the beginning frequently too far apart in order to arrive at an agreement. The process of bringing these interests together in the best possible way requires a high degree of business understanding and empathy, which the partners involved in this particular situation are happy to take advantage of with the support of the neutral view. 

We help our clients to successfully go through this process and to achieve the desired result. After all, what use is all this theory if it ends up doing practically nothing?

Potentialanalyse , ausbildung mentoring , mindful leadership coaching , Digitalisierung , Organisationsentwicklung


Succession plan
Company acquisition/sale
Business Development
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